What Should We Ask “Pentecost” Author Joanna Penn on the E-publishing Journey?
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  • March 4, 2011
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If you haven’t heard of Joanna Penn and her writing blog The Creative Penn, you are probably not into writing blogs, and certainly not in Australia. No-matter. In December 2010 her blog made it into the Top 10 Blogs for Writers and the Top 5 writers’ blogs in Australia.

She recently did a Q&A about her self-publishing journey, which is well worth a look if you are thinking of embarking on an ebook adventure.

Joanna will be doing the same for this site soon, so if you have any questions regarding e-publishing or writing, leave them in the comments. Until then, an except from her Q&A on Entrepreneurs Journey to whet your appetite:

The book …

After writing a couple more non-fiction books, I decided to finally take the plunge and write a novel in late 2009. With my knowledge of publishing technologies I knew I would self-publish, but this time I was determined to make the book launch a success by combining everything I’ve learned along the way about marketing. I love fast-paced action movies and thriller novels, plus I have a Masters degree in Theology, so the book is a religious thriller – Dan Brown meets Lara Croft!

The marketing …

The core audience on built up over 2 years of blogging, and [the site now] includes 85+ free podcasts, videos, workbooks and other free resources for writers and authors. I also involved them [the audience] in the process blogging the journey as I learned.
My audience voted on the book cover, had input into the back blurb and heard about Pentecost for the whole year before launch so they were ready to buy. I offered review copies to people if they liked the genre and asked for Amazon reviews which are critical for good sales.


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