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  • March 2, 2011
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Hello all, JD here.

Together with a couple of twisted souls fellow visionaries, we’ve cooked up Author Direct as a way for authors to connect directly with their fan base, and sell their books in digital form straight to their readers.

We don’t think “new publishing” needs DRM, fixed prices, structured releases, and hamstrung distribution.

Why not make it open and cheap. Wouldn’t more readers get to, you know, like read the books then?

Author meetups

To this end, we want to try directly connecting authors or groups of writers with like-minded groups of readers – via a web video link on this site. All for free, of course.

For example – we think romance authors would be happy to put in an hour of their time in front of a webcam to talk directly with, say, a romance readers club across the world. It’s an opportunity for authors to reach new markets, and readers to talk to authors writing the books they read.

What might it look like? Why, perhaps something a lot like this...

What would they talk about? Their favourite fiction genre? Their specific books? the mechanics of writing? Who knows – they’ll think of something.

Historical novelists and historical societies – students and textbook authors – vampire fiction authors and moon-tanners everywhere?


If you are a member of an author or reader group and would like to be among the first to try this – contact us at jasondavismail [at] gmail -dot- com


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