Unnamed Source at Microsoft Denies Rumor about Nook Media Purchase
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  • May 14, 2013
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luv-1335785314[1]It looks like last week’s rumor about Microsoft buying Nook Media might not be as solid as we thought.

Insider Monkey is reporting that they have an unnamed source at Microsoft that denies the Techcrunch rumor. According to their source, that deal was never an option:

“I literally just walked out of the meeting today discussing all this Microsoft/NOOK hoopla going on,” the source wrote to us late Friday.

“This deal was nothing more than a rumor. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)¬†will not come out and deny or confirm for legal reasons, but the company has no intention of acquiring the NOOK unit. NOOK is closely integrated with Android (hence their recent Google Play feature) and there is no way it could be ported to Windows 8. This was simply something TechCrunch rushed to report with no fact-checking.”

Damn. I did so want the rumor to be true; it would have guaranteed the survival of the Nook platform, albeit as a Windows RT based line of devices.

Of course, we don’t know that this rumor is real either, but the technical details give the source an authenticity that the Techcrunch rumors lacked. In fact, the original story at Techcrunch got a number of details wrong. For example, they mentioned a “college textbook division”, when in fact that was probably a mention of the college bookstores operated by Nook Media (B&N College).

I will also note that I got an email reminder today from Nook Media. They still want Android developers to submit apps for premium promotion opportunities in the Nook App Store. That doesn’t exactly sound like it’s going away, does it?

Thanks, Tim!

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