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  • May 28, 2013
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    0 logoIt’s been just under a year since Macmillan announced plans to launch an ebookstore at, and what a year it’s been.

This ebookstore, which was one of Macmillan’s two major DRM-free effort of 2012, got a lot of attention last year. The ebookstore broke with the publishing industry and had a novel goal of selling DRM-free Epub ebooks directly to customers.

It was going to sell all of the frontlist and (available) backlist titles from Tor, Forge, Orb, and other imprints by the SF publisher Tor/Forge Books. No major publisher had made a similar effort, so I was eager to see if this ebookstore could succeed at selling ebooks and (more importantly) making customers happy.

Admittedly, it hasn’t actually been a year since this ebookstore was announced, but with BEA 2013 kicking off tomorrow I thought that now would be the right time to look back and chart this ebookstore’s success.

Or rather its lack of success.

The thing is, Macmillan may have announced the ebookstore but they never actually got around to launching that ebookstore. Sure, there is an announcement and there is even a page on, but that page still shows the same placeholder image it showed last year: eboosktore summer 2012

I think they may have missed the window by a little bit, don’t you?

So what happened to the ebookstore? I don’t know. When I realized today that the launch never happened I queried and Tor/Forge and asked for an update. I have not yet received a response, nor even an acknowledgement that they might get back to me.

If I do get more info I will add to this post, but at this point it looks to me like the planned ebookstore may have fallen by the wayside. If that changes then I will update this post.

P.S. I seem to recall that back in 2008 Macmillan had talked big plans to launch their own ebookstore. Does anyone remember what happened to those plans? I don’t recall that there was ever a launch, but I could be wrong.

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