Thirteen Things You Can Still Do With Borders Gift Cards
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  • May 27, 2013
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giftcardimage021610[1]Last week U.S. District Judge Andrew Carter ruled that all unused Borders gift cards were worthless, wiping out some $210 million owed to some 17.7 million people.

Seventeen plus million cards at 5g each comes to about 273 thousand pounds of plastic. That’s a lot of material, and it should be more than enough to any number of conceivable DIY projects.

Do you still have any gift cards left over from Borders? If you do then I want to help you find something to do with them.

Here are a few ways you could use those cards:

Handy bookmarks in what we used to call “books.”Cut them into Ninja stars for annoying but non-lethal combat fun. (Take that, Jeff Bezos!)Build a DIY stand for an ereader or smartphone (example).Jimmy a lock (the old credit card trick).Give them away to in-laws.Recycle them into colorful Kindle covers.Wind chimes for those with sensitive hearing.Perfect-sized coasters for shot glasses. (Handy if you were a bookseller.)Carefully arrange them into a house of cards. (A nice metaphor of the publishing industry).Make a guitar pick (example).Save them to prove your faith in the ultimate resurrection of major bookstore chains.Make a slingshot (example) and use it to shoot BBs at head shots of Borders management.Turn it into a musical instrument (examples, plural).

Do you know of any good uses for the otherwise worthless cards? If so, leave a comment.

P.S. Some of the ideas on this list are my own, while others are from here.

P.P.S. When I googled that last suggestion I found a video that was so impressive that I had to post it here:

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