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The Sub-$50 eReader is a New Low – in a Good Way.
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  • February 24, 2011
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eBookNewser has drawn attention to possibly the cheapest (new) eReader we’ve seen to date – certainly the cheapest buyers in the UK have seen.

Like Aussies, the Poms have had to put up with staring at cheaper prices across the Atlantic while they pay a lot more at home. A lot more.

Enter the Binatone ReadMe Classic eReader. I’ve never heard of it, but you can rest assured that it’s a Chinese E-ink cheapie that won’t set the world on fire but will suffice and get you eReading.

It’s on sale at UK homewares chain Makro for  £29.99 ($49).

Don’t look for killer specs on this thing – it’s a 6-inch device with 2GB Flash storage, a SD card slot, speakers, and you get a case and headphones. Ebook support includes TXT, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, FB2, EPUB, TCR, Palm Doc, Open E-book, Open reader, MOBI, which is probably the device’s best feature.

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