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The Last Bookshop (video)
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  • April 19, 2013
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This dystopian video has been passed around on Twitter this week. It’s really not all that likely to come about, but like ghost stories it will probably send a chill down your spine.

Here’s more from the Youtube description:

The Last Bookshop imagines a future where physical books have died out.

One day, a small boy’s holographic entertainment fails, so he heads out to explore the streets of abandoned shops outside. Down a forgotten alley he discovers the last ever bookshop. And inside, an ancient shopkeeper has been waiting over 25 years for a customer…

I really don’t see this future as being all that likely. While it comes across as a more benign version of Fahrenheit 451, it shares a conceptual flaw with that book.

It assumes that the culture of books has died out without actually looking at how that might happen. This premise has to be assumed because if someone tried to come up with an explanation for the decline of book culture, they would likely fail.  If nothing else the culture of books exists because it is taught, whether by a parent, teacher, or librarian. I do not see how that would go away.

But the joke at the end that all the books belonged to Amazon and selling them was copyright infringement was rather funny. And I do like how the kid wrote his own book. unfortunately there was no one left to read it.

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