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Ten Examples That Show Apple’s Special Snowflake Page Turn Isn’t Nearly as Special As They Think (video)
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  • May 8, 2013
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223913-apple-ipad-wi-fi-ibooks-page-turn[1]When Apple was awarded a patent on the page turn in late 2012, more than a few bloggers and tech experts rolled their eyes. This common and basic feature seemed both obvious and easy to replicate, so many of us didn’t think it deserved a patent.

That’s what I thought, at least, but it wasn’t until last week that I realized quite how obvious and common page turn animations really were.

A reader responded to my post about Samsung’s page turn patent and challenged me to justify my statement that I had seen similar page turn effects before. That inspired me to go looking for examples on Youtube, and frankly I was surprised at just how many different examples I found.

I don’t think I found all the apps that use a page turn animation, but I can show that Google, Nook, and Sony all have a page turn animation in their reading apps. I also found a bunch of other examples of page curl animations, many of which are available for license. I doubt anyone really needs convincing that the page turn animation is a simple idea that anyone can implement, but this post should do the job.

First, here is iBooks showing off Apple’s amazing page turn:

Did you know that the Kindle app on the iPad can display a page curl when turning the page? I think it could be using Apple’s own code for the animation, but I’m not sure.

But even if the Kindle for iPad app is using Apple’s code, that is not the case with the Nook HD+:

And I seriously doubt that Google copied Apple’s code in Google Play Books, given that this animation looks entirely different from all the others:

And the Sony Reader Android app also has a page turn animation, though it doesn’t work as well as some:

Here’s one that is available for license:

And here is one that is available under the Apache license:

Here is a third example that can be licensed and incorporated into reading apps:

Not convinced yet? That’s okay because I’m not done. This next example appears to have been developed independently (by this dev):

And here is yet another page curl animation:

And just one more:

But wait, there’s more. not only is the page curl quite common in ebooks, you can even find it used elsewhere. Sony, for example, added a page curl effect to the PS Vita:

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