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  • May 27, 2013
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Good news. The crisis of 2 days go appears to have been resolved. I’ve found and removed several possible culprits that was causing this site to overload and return “site not available” messages.

I didn’t get into specifics when I last posted on this a couple days ago, but that was mainly because I was having trouble accessing the blog myself. My problem (or rather the symptoms pf the problem) was that my blog was mysteriously demanding vast amounts of RAM and CPU capacity – far more than could be justified by traffic alone. I’m not sure exactly what was causing the problem, but in order to fix it I disabled and deleted several plugins, removed several scripts from the blog theme, and cleaned up and optimized the database. This seems to have fixed the problem.

And now I need your help. Normally I wouldn’t make such a transparent plea for attention, but stress-testing this blog is something I cannot do on my own.

I want to make sure that this problem has been fixed, and in order to do that I need to stress- test this blog. That is a little hard to do on a Sunday afternoon during a 3 day weekend, so I need the help of my readers to boost traffic.

Update: We’re good now. Thanks for all the help!

If you’re reading this in an email or RSS feed reader app, please do me a favor and visit the site directly. Leaving a comment would also help make this site work harder, but you don’t have to. Anther way you can help boost traffic even more by picking one of my recent posts and sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or another social network.

And of course if you have trouble accessing the blog, please let me know.

If you’ve already visited, commented, or shared a link, Thanks!

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