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Smartphone as E-reader #1: Use It for Instant Reading
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  • June 8, 2011
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This post is a part of the Smartphone as E-reader series, in which we give tips on how you can smartly use your smartphone to read ebooks.

If you already own an e-reader like Kindle or a tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab), you can extend the number of access points to your books by adding a smartphone.

Major e-bookstores, like Kindle Store, provide their users with a virtual shelf. It means that the book you’re reading can be synced across many devices. It’s usually a matter of downloading a free application.

So if you read, for instance, John Locke’s books on your Kindle, you can also have them on your phone. Get the app for your mobile operating system from here, open it on your phone, log in and you’ll see how a book is synced an opens at a last page you were reading on a Kindle.

Having a free app is not a big deal, but it gives an essential benefit: you can always have access to your e-book library, even if you don’t have a Kindle with you.

There are many situations during a day when you have a couple of minutes of spare time: waiting for a bus or in a post office or for a doctor, you name it. Those situations maybe don’t deserve to take the e-reader from home, but your smartphone – you always have it with you.

It’s a fantastic feeling when you know that any time you reach for a smartphone you can use it to read books. Actually a mobile phone can be a great way to extend the number of contacts with a book – all by short reading sessions during a day.

June 8th, 2011

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