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RSS Feeds of Kindle Bestsellers – Where to Find Them?
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  • June 14, 2011
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Please visit Ebook Friendly to read “RSS Feeds of Kindle Bestsellers – Where to Find Them?” in a distraction-free interface.

Many Kindle owners instead of frequently checking Kindle Store for new bestsellers would prefer to let them arrive at their RSS readers. It’s possible – and this post will quickly guide you how to do it.

Most important thing – it’s not easy to find the feeds. You have to go directly to this page, where you see four tabs: Bestsellers, Top Rated, Hot New Releases and Movers  & Shakers.

Click on the preferred tab, scroll down, and under page navigation, you’ll see RSS Feed section, as on the picture below.


In Top Rated section you’ll see three top titles in any of the six categories: romance, fiction, nonfiction, blogs, magazines&journals and newspapers. To find the RSS feed click on See more… link (for instance: See more Top Rated in Romance).

For your convenience we list all available feeds below:

Top Free
Hot New Releases
Movers & Shakers
Top Rated » Romance
Top Rated » Fiction
Top Rated » Nonfiction
Top Rated » Kindle Blogs
Top Rated » Magazines & Journals
Top Rated » Newspapers

You can read more about Amazon’s RSS tools here.

June 14th, 2011

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