Qualcomm’s Other Screen Tech Company Showed Off a 7″ Mems Display at SID Display Week
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  • May 24, 2013
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pixtronix qualcomm sid display week 2013 1Qualcomm got a lot of press this week for a dummy 5.1 inch smartphone screen, but I would bet that the screen from Qualcomm’s other screen tech division has a better chance of hitting the market.

Several folks from Pixtronix were in the Qualcomm booth this year, showing off a new 7″ display that is based on a Sharp IGZO backplane.  This screen might not boast the super high resolution of the Mirasol dummy, but it does show promise of using less power that LCD or OLED while still offering better color quality than other low-power screen techs like Liquavista.

This unit measured 7″ diagonally, and it had a resolution of 1280

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