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PlayStation Gaming on a Nook Touch (video)
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  • September 2, 2012
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The Nook Touch might be over a year old now, but thanks to the combination of Android OS, a decent hardware design, and an enthusiastic development community it is still the best 6″ E-ink Android tablet on the market (in spite of the lack of sound).

Actually I’d call it the only 6″ E-ink Android tablet, because while the Kindle Touch can be turned into a decent tablet  type device it runs a proprietary version of Linux, making it a little hard to develop apps. And the Sony Reader T1, while it looks very pretty, is limited by the amount of space to install Android apps.

Today’s video shows a hacked Nook Touch running a PS1 emulator app. It’s likely also running the fast refresh hack as well as other hacks.

BTW, if you’re not impressed yet by the Nook Touch, watch this video. It shows the NT playing video at 20fps or higher. While the resolution isn’t all that great and there’s no sound, this is still an impressive accomplishment considering the Nook Touch was never intended to play video. This and most of the other great new abilities were added via software hacking, and that just goes to show the original hardware design was brilliant.

via Hackaday

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