New Agreement Adds Britannica Content to EBSCO Discovery Service
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  • March 27, 2012
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From the press release:

Encyclopedia Britannica has agreed to join the list of content providers for EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). The agreement between EBSCO Publishing and Britannica Digital Learning adds metadata to the EDS Base Index and allows full-text searching of Britannica Online School, PreK-8, Public Library, 21st Century Explorer, and Academic Editions.

Institutions subscribing to EDS will be able to search Britannica’s Online School, PreK-8, Public Library, 21st Century Explorer, and Academic Editions, and if their school or library subscribes to Britannica Online, they will be able to retrieve Britannica’s articles and other educational resources in their entirety.

The wide array of topics covered in these databases will greatly enhance the search experience for EDS users. They include language arts, history and society, travel and geography & science and technology. Britannica content includes encyclopedias, atlases, timelines, learning materials, magazines, websites, videos, national statistics, the classics, biographies, and news.

Britannica is part of a growing list of publishers and other content partners that are taking part in EDS to bring more accessibility to their content. The EDS Base Index represents content from approximately 20,000 providers (and growing) in addition to metadata from another 70,000 book publishers. EDS creates a unified, customized index of an institution’s information resources, and an easy, yet powerful means of accessing all of that content from a single search box.

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