Librarians Apply the HarperCollins “26 rule” to Paper Books
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  • March 7, 2011
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Like we didn’t know HarperCollins new “for the good of ebooks” DRM on their library ebook wasn’t arbitrary and stupid, in both a business and social sense. It’s clearly just about selling more shiny new ebooks. Now we have a visual representation of the craziness! Huzzah!
Some librarians in the US have done a quick whip ’round their library and had no trouble coming up with plenty of great books that are still in great conditions, well past their 26-lend use-by date.
This just makes sense to me, and I don’t think these librarians would have had to look too hard to find their books.
Fair enough, if you treat book poorly, they may only last for 26 lends – but we’re talking about librarians. They people who covet books, in all forms, and cover the paper ones with Contact to preserve them.

Interestingly – one of the HarperCollins books has a lifetime guarantee on it! Did this guarantee come from HC? Hard to say – but my how attitudes have changed.

Give yourselves an uppercut, HarperCollins. You won’t be seeing any of my money until this extra level of DRM goes away.
Here’s the video, which has been doing the rounds since last week…


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Sean the Blogonaut

2011-03-07 18:12:09 Reply

Video not displaying.


    2011-03-07 21:08:00 Reply

    Cheers, Sean. Fixed it.

Ray Charbonneau

2011-03-22 05:25:14 Reply

What HarperCollins is doing is letting us know what they think an ebook is REALLY worth. As a writer/publisher, I’ve adjusted my prices accordingly:

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