I’m Going to be in Phoenix, AZ Next Week for FlexTech 2013
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  • January 21, 2013
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flexTech_image300w[1]I thought I would give my readers a heads up that I am going to be attending a relatively unknown conference and trade show in the last week of January.

FlexTech 2013 is the trade show for the Flex Tech Alliance. This trade group promotes (obviously) flexible technology like Plastic Logic’s screens and plastic based electronics, Wistron’s flexible E-ink screens, and the like.

Given my interest in screen tech, you might be surprised to learn that I only heard about this conference last week. PlasticLogic will be an exhibitor there, and so will E-ink, Arizona State University’s Flexible Display Center, and a number of other companies.

If any of my readers want to meet at the conference, drop me a line. Also, I’d be deeply grateful if someone could pull strings and get me into the tours of the FDC. The scheduled tours are full (and probably overbooked).

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