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How to Add Web Content to Your Kindle Using SENDtoREADER
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  • June 12, 2011
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SENDtoREADER is a simple and very interesting tool designed to send web content to your Kindle. What makes it special is an online text editor, thanks to which a user can send a personalized compilation of web texts.

How to set up your Kindle device

1. Visit your Amazon Kindle settings page and add to your approved e-mail list a new address:

2. In order to use SENDtoREADER you have to sign in to the service. You can either open an account or log in via Facebook. Find Settings section and type in your Kindle’s e-mail address. You can also select a method of delivery: instant or manual (picture).

How to send content to Kindle

1. In the user area, under Installation, you’ll find a bookmarklet. It’s a bold, underlined text “SENDtoREADER”. Drag it to your browser’s bookmark bar. It works with Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. A version for Internet Explorer is coming soon.

2. From now on, if you find anything worth reading on your Kindle, click on a bookmarklet and the web content will be instantly delivered to your e-reader.

How to use text editor

Opposite to other send-to-Kindle tools, the text editor available in SENDtoREADER will let you prepare your own document with texts clipped from different web pages.

1. In the user area, in the upper right corner, find a tab Compose. You’ll open an html editor with a large selection of functions and formatting options.

2. You can either paste a clipped text or use a special import field, where you paste only an url address of the page.

SENDtoREADER text editor

June 11th, 2011

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