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Gift of Nook turns non-reader into book fan
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  • March 26, 2012
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Do e-readers get young people reading? Here’s some more anecdotal evidence. “Author in training” K.D. Rush blogs about his eldest daughter receiving a Nook for Christmas and going from someone who just doesn’t care for reading to the sort of person who pulls a paperback version of The Hunger Games out of her purse when she asks her father if he wants to see the movie based on it.

Now, that might not seem strange to the average parent, but to me it was mind blowing. Imagine your daughter pulling a snake out of her purse and suggesting that you attend this great new church she found. That might be close to my own disbelief standing there listening to her go on and on about a book that she was reading. Who is this kid, and where did my daughter go?

Rush adds that he hopes e-book reader prices fall by next Christmas, as he can think of a number of people to whom he would like to give “the miracle of reading.”

I’ve heard this sort of story a number of times, and it makes me wonder: is the problem with people not wanting to read anymore perhaps just because they’ve become used to digital media and don’t relate well to dead trees? Perhaps that might explain why e-readers are becoming so popular with young people.

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