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Digital storytime: the children’s ebook and app market
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  • March 30, 2011
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Show Me Your Library Card - children's materials

Creative Commons License photo credit: mlibrarianus

There’s an interesting story over at Publishing Perspectives about the publishing industry trying to adapt to digital storybooks for children.

It’s written from the perspective of  a O’Reilly Media’s “Tools of Change” conference, which was transplanted into the midst of the recent Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy.

The topics covered:

  • Still Adapting to Digital
  • Classics vs. New Books, Legacy Pubs vs. Start-ups
  • Think Globally, Always


Apps Over E-books, iPads Over Everything Else

Richard Kerris from Hewlett Packard (a key sponsor of the event) likely found TOC a tough audience — after all, he wasn’t flogging a new Apple OS app or add-on to the iPad, the device of choice among children’s book publishers and developers. Still, his comprehensive presentation on HP webOS and its portfolio of forthcoming devices — including a TouchPad tablet, which HP is expected to launch shortly — offered some key takeaways. Among them: HP’s new programming environment allows developers to easily port existing tablet apps to the TouchPad, a process enabled through a new development framework, and HPs he cloud-based operating system and other webOS features will enable readers to access their content from any device. Kerris’ company is really committed to becoming a player in this space and should be an interesting company for publishers to watch.

Read the full story here. Clearly because of the illustrations, children’s books present more of a challenge, but more of an interactive opportunity for publishers.

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