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Despite high-resolution tablet displays, comic book fans still prefer print
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  • April 3, 2012
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comics_02_store-4f75931-introArs Technica’s Charles Jade has a fairly long piece looking at what the new double-resolution retina display on the iPad 3 might mean for comics. Most interestingly, it has some comparison screenshots of comics at the old and new resolutions. While the resolution doesn’t make too much of a difference to the art, I was surprised how much clearer it makes the speech bubble fonts—at the old resolution, the letters are downright fuzzy, but at the new they’re much sharper and clearer.

Jade also talks to Jeremy Tarney, CEO of the comic book store Ultimate Comics, about the effect digital comics are having on his clientele. Tarney said that most of his customers are the sort of people who prefer collecting physical items. He also said that people didn’t seem to care too much about the free digital comic codes some publishers have begun bundling with their books.

“It really doesn’t seem like most people care that much. When they first started doing it they made a big deal about it,” Tarney said. “They bagged the issues so you couldn’t get the code out without buying the comic… people didn’t like it… you couldn’t flip through to see if you liked the artwork before buying.”

At the moment, Jade concludes, digital comic book readers are “outliers” and most people still prefer the printed form. I’m not too surprised, though I do wonder whether that will begin to change once more tablets follow Apple’s lead with higher-definition screens.

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