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Consumer Reports calls Nook very slightly better than Kindle
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  • March 21, 2012
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Which is the better e-reader, Nook or Kindle? If you listen to Consumer Reports, the answer is the Nook—by a nose. Book eReader reports that CR’s latest review, comparing the Kindle to the Nook Simple Touch, calls the Nook better…by 1 point.

The Nook tied the Kindle on most things, such as battery life and wifi access. Where the Nook shone, apparently, was its simplicity—it focuses on “reading with minimal fuss and extra features.” It eschews bells and whistles in favor of offering a simplified reading experience.

Of course, a difference of one point is scarcely even a difference, so you could say that Consumer Reports sees the Kindle and Nook as being just as good as each other. Which means that the companies have to compete on other aspects of their business. So far, I think Amazon is firmly in the lead in that regard.

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