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Condé Nast opens tablet reader metrics program to all advertisers
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  • March 16, 2012
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Conde-NastAd Age reports that Condé Nast is going to open a program offering more information on the habits of tablet magazine readers to all its advertisers. The program started out with a trial run that only provided the information to select advertisers.

The information will cover ten weeks after each issue comes out, and include the number of paid subscriptions and single-copy sales, the number of people who actually read the issues, the total number of times they opened it, and how much time they spent reading it. Premium advertisers will get extra information based on how customers engage with their specific ads.

Much of this is the sort of information that Apple has historically been reluctant to provide to publishers who go through its app store publishing platform. Small wonder that magazine publishers have been going it alone. This information can be very useful in soliciting advertisers for e-magazines, and I imagine the program will prove quite useful to Condé Nast in that respect.

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