Calibre updated to 0.8.45
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  • March 30, 2012
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New Features

E-book viewer: Allow the up and down keys to scroll past section boundaries
calibredb: Allow specification of basic metadata on the command line when adding books.
Driver for Samsung Galaxy Plus GT-I9001
KF8 Input: Support KF8 format Amazon book samples.
When a new plugin is added to calibre for the first time, have its icon (if any) show up even when a device is connected (this can be changed by the user at the time of plugin installation)
Add keyboard shortcuts for Bold, Italic and Underline to the comments editor in the edit metadata dialog

Bug Fixes

E-book viewer: Fix last read position (and bookmarks in general) being inaccurate for some books.
Workarounds for a few regressions in the user interface in 0.8.44 caused by the update to Qt 4.8.0
Books list: Preserve the horizontal scroll position when sorting by a column
Fix saving to disk and then adding the book back not restoring tags-like custom columns
Linux installer: Fix completion for ebook-convert not working.
MOBI Output: Recognize type=text in addition to type=start guide elements
Get Books: Updates to Nexto, Ebookpoint and Woblink stores
Fix unable to clear username/password in Fetch news dialog
PDF Output: Fix margin specifications not being applied
Linux installer: Manually preserve the defaults.list mimetype association file to workaround buggy xdg-desktop-menu implementations in some distros.
E-book viewer: Fix regression that caused the ebook viewer to stop functioning if it is launched from the main calibre program and then the main calibre program is closed.

(Via calibre Changelog.)

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