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Bookbee doesn’t find new iPad magazine format too friendly – goes back to Safari
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  • March 24, 2011
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As we sometime say here in Awstraya, “Yeah, nah.”

With crowing about it’s new iPad-magazine auto-conversion functionality - the hosted WordPress platform’s ability to now detect viewers that are on an iPad and show then a site in iPad-friendly, swipeable mode, I gave it a go.

I had to use the OnSwipe plugin, since I’m on a self-hosted set-up.

Um, it didn’t work for me.

The hosted platform version may be great, but I found the OnSwipe plugin far from easy on the eye.

Apart from having to make graphics to exact sizes to make the front cover look good, none of my images were showing up on the iPad version (see pic).

And it seemed to slow down the site big-time.

Having said all of this, I may well go back to it at a later date. I’v seen some others getting very attractive results, so it could be a setting or something minor that I’m doing wrong. But the speed things is a worry, for SEO as well as functionality.

Anyone else had any luck with the brave new world of swipeable blogging?

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2011-03-27 23:39:24 Reply

I would say that your current theme is pretty iPad friendly as it is.


    2011-03-27 23:40:00 Reply

    And I am on my iPad at the moment.


      2011-03-28 09:11:47 Reply

      Ah, so you splurged. Did you go for the 2, or snap up a cheap original?


        2011-04-08 23:22:47 Reply

        I got an original for $200 off.

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