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B&N Email Hints at Changes to Their Self-Pub Service
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  • April 2, 2013
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bn pubit logoBarnes & Noble sent out a teaser email today to authors that sell their ebooks via B&N PubIt. The email is vague in the extreme but it suggests that some type of announcement is imminent:

Dear PubIt Publisher,

We’ve got some exciting news on the horizon, and as an integral part of our self-publishing community, we want you to be the first to know! Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on our next chapter in self-publishing.

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to an even stronger relationship in the future.

The PubIt Team

I’m still casting about to find someone who can add more detail, but at this point I can make a few guesses. Either B&N is going to make more content options available via PubIt (audio, video, Epub3, ?). They could also add a POD option (now that would be useful).

Or perhaps they have arranged a new distribution channel (that too could be POD). When B&N first announced the PubIt self-pub service in 2010 an early version of the FAQ mentioned that this service would distribute to more than just the Nook store:

Where will my titles be listed for sale?

PubIt! titles will be available for sale in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore and through all of our digital distribution partners.

To the best of my knowledge this never happened, but it might coming soon.

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