Anti-Piracy Service Attributor Has Been Sold
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  • December 5, 2012
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Ask anyone in digital publishing and they’ll tell you that fighting piracy is a growth business.

Whether you’re conning the US government into illegally closing down legit blogs, finding new ways to attach DRM to a file, or looking for a way to punish customers, there’s always money to be made for one tech company or another.

That’s why I’m not surprised today to learn that Attributor, a widely known anti-piracy service, has been snapped up by Digimarc.

Digimarc is a a Portland, Oregon, based company which I haven’t mentioned before on this blog before. They are known in some tech circles for their digital watermarks for audio and images, as well as an extensive number of patents on related DRM concepts.

I was chatting with a friend a few minutes ago, and he found this deal to be rather interesting due to the different business models pursued by the companies. I’m told that Digimarc had at one time planned to offer anti-piracy services similar to that of Attributor, but that fell by the wayside as their licensing business grew. Attributor, on the other hand, is largely a services company.

The several times I have encountered their name was in relation to DMCA takedown notices. Attributor runs what I describe as a hunter-killer service. They search the web for copyrighted content which belongs to their customers. When they find it, some underpaid tech in a third-world country sends out a formulaic DMCA takedown notice.

I’ve had immediate expereoince with Attributor, though I would prefer to not be specific as to the site in question. I’m not whether Attributor is overly-enthusiastic or merely sloppy, but I do know that all of the notices which I have seeninvolved files which were legitimately out of copyright in one or more countries and included titles which can be found at one or another of the Project Gutenberg websites.

In any case, Attributor’s services are quite popular. Current customers include Open Road Media, Simon & Schuster, Kensington Publishing, Grupo Planeta (a Spanish publisher), and many others. According to BitSnoop, they are one of the largest sender of notices (right behind Nate Glass and RIAA).

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