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Amazon officially launches Kindle in China
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  • June 7, 2013
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Is has been a rumor for months that Amazon will bring its kindle and e-reader into the market of China. At end of May, it is clear that the official launch date would be 7th of June. Two days ago, on the 5th, Chinese users found the official landing page of the Chinese version kindle appeared on’s Chinese official website) for a very short time, and it then had been removed. It seemed Amazon was preparing the launch for the 7th.


Yesterday (4PM, 7th,China Time), Kindle has been officially introduced into China. According to the official page, Kindle Paperwhite (WIFI version) is set at a price of 849RMB(~140USD), Kindle Fire HD is set to 1499 RMB(~244USD, 16GB) and 1799 RMB(~294USD,32GB).  It’s interesting that the official prices are about 30 to 40USD higher compare with the prices in US. That is also normal to the Chinese consumers, though they don’t like it, that most popular consumer electronic products are more expensive in China even though most of them are made in China.

These devices are mainly distributed via Amazon website, Amazon also partnered with SuNing, one of the biggest privately owned electrical appliance retailers in China, to sell it on its web store and 700 local shops. On amazon’s China website, it now provides about 40000 e-books for its Chinese consumers.

However, before this official launch, a lot of Chinese consumers already owned Amazon’s devices through other channels, and unlike in the US, Amazon is not a dominate player in the Chinese market(only about 3% of the B2C market). Chinese business analysts are not so optimistic about Kindle’s future in China, as Amazon has a lot need to be solved in this market,  such as content platforms, terminals, content integration, pricing rules…

According to the posts on Chinese internet forums, here we presented several things that the Chinese customers liked:

1) You can return your kindle in 15 days, if you don’t like it. 
This seems normal in every developed market, however, it is not the case in China, returning a product is difficult there.

2) Size is perfect for travelling
3) Battery can remain 8 weeks

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