Amazon is Now Selling Kindles From 9 Mall Kiosks in Brazil
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  • May 11, 2013
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20130116125506691-1400999281[1]Amazon’s rumored US retail stores have turned out to be nothing but wishful thinking, but the same cannot be said for Brazil. One of Amazon’s retail partners started selling Kindles from kiosks in January 2013, and today I learned that the partnership has been expanded to include more locations.

Amazon is now reporting on their website that the Kindle is available in 9 kiosks in Brazil’s 2 largest cities. Five can be found in shopping malls in the São Paulo area, and the rest are located in and around Rio de Janeiro.


I can’t find information on who is operating most of the kiosks, but the first kiosk was opened by the Brazilian cellphone retailer Superfone. That kiosk is operated under contract to Amazon, and as far as the customers can tell the kiosk is run by Amazon. There is a good chance that Superfone is running the other kiosks as well.

The kiosks sell the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite as well as accessories. The KPW Wifi model retails for R$ 479 (about $223 USD), while the basic Kindle sells for R$ 299 ($148 USD).


image from Techlinhas

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