Amazon Appstore Launches in China
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  • May 4, 2013
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Amazon-Appstore-for-Android Amazon has just added another country to the supported list for their Android app store: China.

When Amazon took the Appstore international last month, China was the first among a handful of countries that weren’t supported. Given that Amazon had launched the Kindle Store in China only 4 months earlier, this came as a surprise.

The suspense came to an end today.  While Amazon hasn’t formally announced the launch, Asian tech blogs have reported that the Amazon Appstore is open in China.


There’s no word yet on the number of apps available, but Amazon is promising that the app store will include apps like Angry Birds and Temple Run from international developers as well as apps from local developers including Tencent and Sina. The apps are available on both tablets and smartphones.

Today’s news is leading some to speculate that Amazon is just about ready to launch the Kindle Fire in China. That Android tablet has passed technical certifications needed to be sold in China but appears to still be caught up in red tape.

Perhaps today’s launch is a sign that Amazon is successfully cutting through that red tape. One can always hope.


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