Amazon Announces the Most Well-Read Cities in the USA
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  • April 24, 2013
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2563632122_3de25f543c[1]Ask any doomsayer decrying the rise of video games and they’ll tell you that reading is dead. Ask any publisher bemoaning the rise of piracy and they’ll tell you that the book market is dead. And as Steve Jobs is well-known for proclaiming, no one reads any more.

That’s why I was surprised to learn today that Amazon has just released the 2013 list of the best-read cities in the US.

Amazon has pulled together all the book, magazine, and newspaper sales data¬† for the past 9 months and created a list of the US cities with that bought the most content on a per capita basis. The top 20 cities include a suburb of DC, 5 cities in Florida, and a sprinkling of cities from the other 49 states. Amazon’s home town of Seattle made the list:

Alexandria, Va.Knoxville, Tenn.Miami, Fla.Cambridge, Mass.Orlando, Fla.Ann Arbor, Mich.Berkeley, Calif.Cincinnati, OhioColumbia, S.C.Pittsburgh, Penn.St. Louis, Mo.Salt Lake City, UtahSeattle, Wash.Vancouver, Wash.Gainesville, Fla.Atlanta, Ga.Dayton, OhioRichmond, Va.Clearwater, Fla.Tallahassee, Fla.

image by Don Hankins

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