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A Bluetooth-Connected Stylus for Your iPad
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  • October 1, 2012
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iPad users have a new stylus option, the Pogo Connect with a 7-millimeter tip for writing on your tablet. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0, and is designed for third generation iPads.

You can pre-order now for $79.95. Check it out: “Pogo Connect is a bluetooth pen that allows you to draw with different line widths on an iPad. It works with many drawing and note-taking apps. It’s also great for handwriting because the iPad can ignore your palm and wrist … If you have access to an iPhone 4s or the new iPhone 5, use it to download the free Pogo Bridge app from the App Store. Running this app on your iPhone will bridge the connection between your Pogo Connect and apps running on your iPad.”

If you are looking for new stylus, check out our Best Tablet Stylus round-up. We also showed you how to make your own tablet or smartphone stylus.


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