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1000 posts on, Bookbee ebooks is on the up and up
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  • December 9, 2010
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Back on Oct 30, 2009, I wrote my first post on a blog about something called “ebooks”.

Now, 14 months on, I’ve just published my 1000th post – on Kobo’s new ebook gifting.

This is just a big “thank you” to people who still come here to read and learn, teach and rant, and complain (mainly me on those last two).

Back in October 2009, there was a site called Mobipocket doing ebooks, and ebooks.com, and Amazon was getting into them. But there wasn’t anything happening in Australia, and I couldn’t get a Kindle in Australia yet (the easy way).

So I dreamed up a weird domain name (I like bees – and they’re always busy collecting stuff), found out about something called WordPress, all so I could write a “blog post” about how to avoid geo-restrictions in Australia. Yes, I hated them even more then than I do now. It looked like this…

It’s been a hairy (Aussie for frightening/crazy/exciting) ride, and I’m made plenty of mistakes along the way. Some I’ve been schooled on by other bloggers. There’s been several different blog looks, I had a very tough time migrating from a .com.au to a .net domain, which left a lot of loose ends to tie up. But I’m still learning and trying to help people. That’s really why I do this.

Happily, people do come and learn a thing or two, ask questions and keep up with ebook news. Last month, more than 15,000 did.

So if you have any problems with ebooks, ereaders, or questions about the industry. Send them to me. Tweet me, Facebook me, subscribe or just email me at jasondavismail <at> gmail [dot] com. I really want to help out. (If you think I’ll never get back to you – try me!)

In the meantime – lets have a laugh at yeah-olde ancient blog post. Look, there are broken image files and everything. Waaaahahahahaha!

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